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Trinity English Exam Success

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Trinity College English Exam Success!

In April official Trinity College London English exams were held in our Academy for the first time and it was a fantastic success.

Beniganim Academy would like to say congratulations to our students for achieving such amazing results in B1 and B2.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

That´s the way to achieve your goals!

Trinity College English Exams

General Information about Trinity English Exams

Trinity has been examining in Spain for some 40 years, and we have registered examination centres in all provinces from Alava to Zaragoza – including the Balearic and Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Trinity examine tens of thousands of candidates each year through well over a thousand active centres.

Since 2002, when Trinity examined the first promotion of students from the Federation of Ikastolas English programme, Trinity has been at the forefront of examining in bilingual and CLIL programmes. In 2003 Trinity exams were recommended as the best exam available as the external evaluation for the MEC-British Council joint Bilingual programme developed in the 1990s in Spain and in 2004 Trinity examined  the first promotion of graduates in the 10 schools pertaining to the Education Department of the Comunidad de Madrid under this bilingual project.

In 2012 Trinity examined in over 250 state primary schools in this Community. As part of the project Trinity also coordinated the training in relevant techniques of 60 state-school teachers in both Spain and the UK. At present, there are three other similar bilingual education projects running with Trinity ISE as the reference exam: Cantabria, Murcia and, in the largest autonomous regional education authority, Andalucía.

The confidence in Trinity’s exams, administration and support systems shown by these regional governments mean that Trinity remains the exam of choice in Spain for this type of project.

Trinity Spain also runs a comprehensive series of free local workshops for language and music teachers around the country, as well actively participating in other local, national and international events.

There is extensive recognition for the certification awarded by Trinity in Educational Authorities, Universities and companies at national and international level.

This information has been provided by the official Trinity English website.

Exam Dates

Beniganim Academy will be holding our next Trinity College English Exam in our Academy on:

Wednesday 14th December

There will be exams for A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. If you would like more information regarding prices and registration dates please feel free to contact us.


To contact us please fill in the form below or call us on 630 589 428 605 563 702.