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Cambridge Young Learner Exams

YLE Information

Cambridge Young Learner Exams

After the fantastic success of the last two years of YLE, Beniganim Academy is pleased to announce that the Cambridge Young Learners exams are back in our Academy and will take place on the following date:

Friday 23rd June 

What are they and Why do the exam?

  • It is the first step on the path to the main Cambridge English exams (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) which have international recognition and are essential for both university and for a wide variety of jobs nowadays.
  • They are fun and motivating English exams which follow a clearly marked path of progress in English learning.
  • It introduces you to everyday written and spoken English in a fun and enjoyable way.
  • They make children feel more confident when they speak English.
  • The children are motivated and rewarded for their progress as they obtain their Official Certificate of Cambridge English.
  • Students who have successfully completed Cambridge Young Learner Exams are much better prepared for the Cambridge A2-C2 exams, which are prerequisites for the vast majority of jobs and college degrees today.


Thank you for your attention, and if you are interested in taking the Cambridge Young Learners exams, come into the Academy and we will inform you of the dates, prices and preparation, call us on 630 589 428 or you can fill out the following form.