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Cambridge Preliminary Exam 2017

The Cambridge Preliminary exam is the next step after the Cambridge Key A2 and is great preparation for the Cambridge First B2. The Cambridge Preliminary exam is a qualification that shows your future employers, your University or your school that you have good understanding and control of the basics of English and you now have practical language skills.

The Cambridge Preliminary exam is a fully-recognised exam in Spain and the Valencia region and is an essential skill for many jobs and University degrees nowadays.

The Cambridge Preliminary exam has 3 papers which last around 2 hours and 20 minutes. The exam tests the four abilities of Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening and each of these elements is worth 25% of the overall result. If students achieve between 140 and 160 points on the Cambridge Scale then they have achieved a B1 level of English while students who finish between 120 and 140 will receive an A2 certificate.

Students who do not get more than 120 points fail the exam and will not receive and qualification which is why we strongly recommend attend our preparation classes where you will receive expert guidance and tuition on how to get through the Cambridge Preliminary Exam.

Exam Dates & Prices

Cambridge Preliminary Exam 2017 Information and Prices

PET For Schools Saturday 10th June – Registration Closes – Monday 10th April – Price – 102€

PET For Schools – Saturday 24th June – Registration Closes – Friday 28th April – Price – 102€

PET Exam – Saturday 17th June – Registration Closes – Friday 14th April – Price – 102€

PET Exam – Tuesday 25th July – Registration Closes – Friday 2nd June – Price – 102€

PET Exam – Saturday 7th October – Registration Closes – Friday 1st September – Price – 102€

PET Exam – Friday 1st December – Registration Closes – Friday 13th October – Price – 102€

The exam are usually taken in Alcoy however there is the option of taking the exam in Xativa on the dates of 17th June, 24th June and 25th July. It is also possible to study and register with us and register to do the exam in Valencia city if that is more convenient depending on circumstance.

If you would like to do this exam but are not currently registered and attending classes at Beniganim Academy the price of the exam is 112€


Cambridge Preliminary Exams have limited places available so if you are interested in taking this exam please contact us to complete registration as soon as possible by telephone 630 589 428 or 605 563 702 or by completing the form below